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Lecture Topics

I am available for scholar-in-residence talks and other guest lecture formats. Here are some select topics from different categories:


  • Multiple Authorship of the Torah

  • What Is Divine about the Torah?

  • A Wave Theory Approach to Unethical Aspects of Torah

  • Mosaic Torah in the Medieval Commentators

  • Should We Look for a Historical Exodus?


  • The Development of the Noah Story

  • Joshua's Conquest and Non-Conquest of the Land

  • From Agricultural to Historical Festivals

  • Why Did Jacob Choose Rachel?


  • The Problem of Synagogue and State

  • The Experience of Being a Centrist in a Divided Country

  • The Dual Narratives of Israelis and Palestinians


  • Homosexuality

  • Transgender 

  • Brain Death and Organ Donation

  • Women's Place in Orthodox Judaism

I can also speak about any of the subjects about which I've written, or others within my expertise.

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